I'm Chris Winn, former CEO at Creative Market. I helped us scale to a team of 50 motivated, surprising, committed contributors, and paid out nearly $200 million to creators in more than 200 countries. I have a product and engineering background. As an operator and leader, I've seen a little bit of everything. I empower teams to foster a culture of excellence.

Areas of Expertise

  • M&A advisory and technical due diligence
  • Market strategy and product differentiation
  • Executive leadership, internal communications
  • Successful culture change and reorganization
  • Talent acquisition and recruiting process
  • Product team process and mentorship

My background is multidisciplinary: I know my way around cap tables and database tables. I've managed 8-figure balance sheets, operationalized global sales tax strategies, helped design products and brought them to market, and led technology strategy for engineering groups.

In my spare time I mentor new VPs and C-Suite executives, and also run ultramarathons a few times a year.